Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A few years later: 3 Things

A few years have passed and oh how my life has changed. A move back home to Miami, a wedding, jobs, baby, now stay at home mom to an adorable baby boy we will call CG.  I am going back to the blog because I have a lot of things to say, and not that many people to say it to.  Let's start off with an all new 3 things.  I'll catch you up soon.

1.  Long Hair Don't Care

Well, I am still obsessed with long hair and I am not surprised.  I mentioned a few posts down that in the past I had grown out my hair the wrong way, neglecting trims to keep the split ends at bay.  I have since changed my mind and the key to getting long hair is 1. NOT CUTTING IT 2. AVOIDING HEAT STYLING TOOLS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE 3. WASHING AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Oh yea, and a good quality sulfate free shampoo and decent conditioner for when you do have the time to wash.

As mentioned above, I have a son who is about to turn 1 year old.  Just before I gave birth to him, I chopped off my beautiful long hair (because it was hot and I was pregnant and crazy) thinking that it would make my life easier taking care of a newborn.

  *** FACT - long hair is actually easier to manage than short hair (because of the weight and ease in putting it up in a bun/ponytail that looks pretty).

Almost a year has passed and I have not cut my hair and have barely used any harmful styling tools (dryer, iron, etc.) because I neither have the time or energy.  Most often my hair is in a bun at the top of my head because it's easy and when it is down, my son pulls on it and it hurts.  I recently had a blow out (came to my house, love Glamsquad -- try it!) and when it was done I couldn't believe how long and healthy my hair looked (the stylist couldn't either, and begged me to tell her what products I used - more on that later).  Because I haven't used those harmful tools in almost a year, there really is no need for a trim to cut damaged/split ends that don't really exist.

I do believe that frequent washing even if you use a decent shampoo and conditioner is extremely damaging to hair, especially if you want to grow it out.  Dry shampoo is your friend if you cringe at the thought of oily roots.  In taking care of CG I no longer have time to have a nice long shower whenever I want. I usually don't have time for a shower until he has fallen asleep which lands shower time at 8:15.  By that time I am SO exhausted the last thing I want to do is wash my hair and then go to bed with soaking wet hair (and using the dryer is just not an option - too lazy, makes too much noise and soooo tired). So.... I usually only wash my hair 1x a week (CRINGE!!!!), but my hair looks better than ever.

As previously mentioned, a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is a must. The one that I found that I was so impressed with and have re purchased, which for a former beauty junky is a big deal is the Redken Color Magnetics Sulfate Free (hot pink bottles).  This one lathers, smells amazing, and my goodness it does wonders for your hair.

However, I will NOT be repurchasing becaues I found out that Redken tests on animals.

I also have Olaplex #3 currently in my hair.  I put it in last night and was so excited to try this deep conditioning treatment I have only heard wonders about.  The more intensive treatment is available in salons only, but #3 is available via retail for an out home treatment and the minimum time to leave in is 10 minutes.  I plan on keeping it in until this evening (full 24 hours) and cannot wait to see how it leaves my hair.  On a side note, my hair now has the treatment dried in and its been a week since I have actually washed my hair, and it feels pretty disgusting and tangly.

2.  Girls

I just started bing watching this series on demand while CG naps/crawls around the TV room and I AM OBSESSED. I cannot believe I have been missing out on this show for so long although I am glad that I don't have to wait around each week for a new episode.

I am currently midway through season 2 and:

The doctor that Hannah hooks up with is dreamy
Is it wrong that I am sad that Jessa and the rich guy didn't work out? I wish I had a friend like Hannah to cry with in a bathtub when times get tough. 
Marnie is annoying and I am tired of her storyline.  Charlie is really cute.
Shoshanna is hilarious and I hope she and that dude end up together 

3.  Stella McCartney

I just recently turned 30 and I have decided to try to make a few changes in my life including embracing a cruelty free lifestyle. One of the things I have vowed to do, and I wouldn't really call this a sacrifice, is never purchase a leather handbag/accessory again.  Stella McCartney seems to be the only high end designer that does not use leather and I am now the happy owner of three of her handbags.  They are absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to collect more.  

Here are the three I have:

this one is really tiny but so cute 

 the one i am using everyday, sort of worried about using such a beautiful bag everyday but it makes me happy
30th birthday surprise from my husband, its for fancy nights and I cannot wait to wear it

Well, as I mentioned a lot has happened since my last post. I wanted to get back to blogging because it gives me something to do while CG is napping and a place to blabber because I sure do have a lot to say and not that many people to blabber to.

Thanks for listening :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

47 Days Left!

This past weekend was my bridal shower, which was SO much fun!  I so appreciated everyone coming to celebrate such a special occasion and I would be lying if I said opening all the presents was the funnest thing ever! I have NEVER had that many presents before!   Prince charming and I are moving back down south in 2 weeks from Philadelphia so everything is staying at my mom's house until we get settled.

I wanted to show you all this photo because my mom brought this fake magazine cover I had made in the 90s at the mall in this little booth.. They would superimpose your image onto any kind of magazine cover and most children probably chose a sports theme, but since I always wanted to be a bride I chose Modern Bride.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Funky Dress Love

The other dia I went to Barneys COOP for the 2nd time to try on the Diane von Furstenberg Hatsu dress. I brought my friend (smiling in the doorway of the dressing room) to tell me if I was being absolutely insane. The back of the dress looked boxy and gigantic, but there was something I absolutely loved about it. It was comfy as can be, ON SALE, had a funky neon orange colorblock which somehow complimented my ghostly pale skin. Did I buy it? No... and it is one of those that go into my shopping regrets :(

While I was in the dressing room, some horribly rude woman felt the nerve to tell me that the dress looked absolutely terrible. Before she offered me her opinion though, she decided to roll her eyes a whole bunch and shake her head while looking at my friend hoping for her to agree on how ugly the dress was. Her behavior almost pushed me to buy it on the spot.


Speaking of crazy shoppers, I was at Neiman Marcus on Saturday browsing through one of their sale racks. I don't know about you, but I can perfectly look through a rack with someone on either side of me. Usually, people move at some sort of pace and I am happy to move along with it. Anyhoo, while browsing the rack, this old lady started huffing and puffing. "EXCUSE ME" she said while huffing and puffing, to which I said "yes?, did I hit you? Oh I am sorry" then she proceeded by telling me how rude I was without taking her eye off of me. It really freaked me out. I started trembling and it totally ruined my shopping experience. Worst part is I had my hand on a Rachel Zoe maxi skirt that I wanted to try on, but the whole experience turned me off so badly that I left. Why is it that once you leave, you always think of the BEST things to say? What I wish I had said was........

WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO CALL YOU AN AMBULANCE!????????????????????????????

Sorry for the ranting. I think I will stick to shopping online from now on.

Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Here is where my hair is now:
I am using Pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner (the one in the purple bottle). This shampoo and conditioner is SO amazing. The salon I go to convinced me to buy the green reparative Pureology line, and I HATE it. I read somewhere that the protein in that product can be bad for your hair...........I'll give it to my fiance to use because boys will literally use anything (and anything is better than the Suave he has in his shower).

I am also using It's a 10! which is the best detangler out there. When you have long hair, it tends to get super tangly. Ripping through tangles is NO BUENO when you try to grow your hair long.

And.......... I am also taking prenatal vitamins. Someone told me it helps your hair, so why not?
Anyone else growing their hair????????????

Sunday, April 1, 2012

On to Weddings

Every since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with weddings, mostly the wedding dress. My mother used to buy me Brides magazine when we were in the check out counter of the grocery store so that I could look through all the ads with beautiful dresses (she stopped this once she realized the magazines included honeymoon I remember the first dress I fell in love with was from a Vera Wang ad, and at 7 years old, I vowed to wear a Vera Wang dress when I walked down the aisle. Today, I still love wedding dresses but they give me major anxiety! Especially since I will be purchasing one soon. I want to make sure that whatever I walk down the aisle in I am 100% happy with and makes me feel beautiful, so I plan on taking my time if necessary. So, in taking my time, I am taking baby steps and have started thinking about shoes (I know, I should probably wait until after I get my dress). I like the idea of buying a pair of shoes I can wear again, but I want something elegant and bridal like. Here are a few that strike my fancy:These are my dream Louboutin wedding shoes. Very bridal. They are no longer available through major retailers, so my only option would be to go through eBay. Love them.
Sergio Rossi cage booties. These shoes are so amazing. They are so interesting and different yet feminine and SUPER FANCY. I would wear these again and again and again and again. Even though they are so different, the fact that they are satin, nude, and have crystals makes them still work for a bride.
Love Love.

These ones are my favorite. A perfect option that would work well for any future occasion. The Prada website has a pair that are even more gorgeous (without a platform, and the silver color seems more bright and paler). The blue stones work beautifully as a "something blue". I am currently waiting for them to go on sale :)

What are your thoughts? What is your dream wedding shoe?????????

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love and Change

Lots of time has passed and lots of things have changed (all for the better). In the past year I went through some of the hardest times of my life, and today I can honestly say that I am happier than I have ever been. I lost what I thought was 'love', and found the true head-over-heels crazy for you, can't see straight, think straight, pink rose colored glasses........... and I am happy to announce that I am engaged!!!!
For those of you that followed in the past you know that I 1) moved to Philly for a boy 2) was making the best of it. All is the same, except the boy I moved for ('muffin') is no longer, and in my heart I knew things were not going to work out with him even as I was packing my bags to move. Something stuck with me though, and I knew that I needed to move for some reason. I told myself that I was going to make it work for at least a year (as long as my lease term was). Within the first month, I met prince charming (see photo above), fell madly in love, and he asked me to marry him last Friday...After lots of giggling, I said of course.

Join me on my journey of all things wedding and love. For those that are rejoining, thank you for sticking with me :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 Things

Well I survived the earthquake, my first one (and hopefully last). I was on the 1oth floor of my building (normally I am on 26 but lunch room is located on 10) and felt the weirdest shaking and rumbling. It sounded and felt like the subway you feel walking on the streets...It was scary, but not quite as frightening as #3 on my 5 things listed below:

1. Salma Hayek Nuance Hydating Rose Balm
Love this stuff. It is like a fancy aquafor with the faint smell of rose. I use it before I go to sleep on my lips (cant go to sleep without aquafor or this b/c if I do, I wake up with the most chapped lips EVER!)

2. Yogurt Pretzels

I am not a huge fan of yogurt, so they should probably call them frosting pretzels b/c that is what they taste like. I just had my first one last week and have been on a yogurt pretzel kick since then! I would love to make my own (with frosting of course...)

3. Ouch!
So I was shaving (standing up, apparently most people sit) and I guess I was shaving the top of my foot (I think???) and I lost balance. While I was making the shaving motion with the razor I caught the pad of my 3rd toe from the big toe on my right foot in the razor-and off it went. My apartment literally looked like a murder scene. Blood EVERYWHERE. Had to hobble out of the shower bleeding like roadkill (thank god I had just started and no shampoo or conditioner was in my hair) . And the worst part? I was all alone, had no first aid stuff, and my iphone was not working! It was traumatizing to say the least. I have been hobbling all day long and am dreading how painful tonight's shower may be.

4. Mary Janes
Not that I will be getting much wear out of any heels anytime soon due to #4, but I fell in love with these shoes from a catalog that got sent to the previous tenant me. They remind me of Prada. The Nordstrom's photo is not as cute as the way they look on the model...I need them for fall!

5. Nails, Nails, Nails!
In my last post I talked about how wonderful pink gel topcoat is from Sephora. And above is my nails after using it consistently for 1 week. My nails before were little stubs. Like guy nails. Awful, I know! Soon they will be in tip top shape so I can start sporting some Chanel Peridot or OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark (you all know I love and am ready for fall!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skincare Woes and Loves

In this little post here I blogged about Shasta Anne's awesome skincare giveaway...and I WON!Thank you SO much Shasta!!!!!!!! I am so excited! Not only because I won, but because the skincare products she was giving away were geared towards people with discoloration issues (aka malasma, my nemesis). I touched briefly on my struggle with melasma due to birth control and my irish skin. After my beach trip with Muffin a few weeks ago my face literally looked stained. The spots that I had been lightening gradually came back full force. In this post I am going to talk about some of the skincare products I do love, and have continued to purchase because they actually work.

For zits (luckily, I deal with these only around that time of the month)
  • Clean and Clear Persa Gel (has 10% benzoyl peroxide, put it on over night and your zit will most likely be gone the next morning, minus a little mark).
For makeup removal (HEAVY makeup removal mind you...)
  • Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser-you know those fancy facial oils from Shu Uemera and Laura Mercier that came out a while ago and were so popular? This is the same thing, just in gel form. I use it on my DRY face and the gel melts into an oil that takes off pretty much it smells fantastic and is not harsh at all.
  • Neautrogena Deep Clean Oil Free Makeup remover wipes-I use this before washing my face when I have lots of makeup on... Cleanser alone won't cut it for me.
  • Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover- This I use only on my eyes b/c it is super is amazing and is the ONLY thing to get rid of my beloved Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner.
Regular Wash and Moisturizing
  • Aveeno Skin Brightening Scrub-love it, takes off any flakies (ew.. I know..I know..) without making my skin look like I just washed it with a brillow pad.
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion-my absolute favorite can't live without skincare product. I have been using this for YEARS. It is an amazing moisturizer with no fluff, just does what it says without any awful side effects like breakouts or reactions.. TRY IT you will be HOOKED!
  • Retinoid- I use a generic prescribed one from my dermatologist. I have been on Retin A, Tazorac, TriLuma (for the spots), and the generic one is doing its job. I stay on the retinoid b/c it keeps me clear and is the ONLY proven wrinkle fighter.
I am obsessed with skincare, and am always trying to find a regimen that works and that I can stick to. The above products are the ones that I keep buying over and over again. Now, because I am a makeup/sephora junkie I also tend to try new stuff. Currently, I am trying out the following:
  • First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads-I have only been using this for over a week, and haven't really seen any results besides my face feels really clean---ps I also use this on my arms and chest...just because.
  • Clarisonic Mia-I have had this for over a year...I used it when I first bought it and really did not like it which was sad, because it gets such good reviews. I felt it irritated my skin and caused breakouts. Now I started at it again because I am praying it does for me what it does for other people. This time I am trying the "sensitive" brush head. If it doesn't work on me this time, I will use it to clean Muffin's shower.
So, if the products I won work as well for me as the did for lovely Shasta and the other bajillion people raving about it, then I will be the happiest girl on the planet. I promise to keep regular updates on how it is working for me.

PS: Remember how I was saying my nails are pathetically weak? Well I have found the MOST amazing thing to keep them strong and pretty. It adds the most gorgeous pink to your nails and uses something else to cancel out ANY yellowing. LOVE LOVE LOVE (minus the price tag)

It's called Pink Gel Topcoat. You can find it in the aisles near the checkout counter in Sephora, or buy it online here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Makeup Haul

This weekend I bought lots of new makeup that I am really excited about. For starters, I have become obsessed with glitter nail polish. Not nail polish with sparse glitter (like the ones that came out when we were in elementary school), I am talking about heavy glitters that barely have any background color, just pure glitter to cover your nail. I saw Whitney in my new favorite trashy show, Big Rich Texas wearing a really thick pink glitter on her toes and I think that is what started this obsession. Then I saw a cute girl in the elevator in my apartment building with a thick silvery black glitter on her toe nails which I also loved. Unfortunately I missed the boat with the OPI/Katy Perry nail polishes and was a little late to the game, so I only found the blue one below, called Last Friday Night. I have a bajillion layers of it on my toe nails so I have super cute glittery blue nails and I am loving it! I have to keep the glitters on my toes b/c they are not office friendly :( boooooo.
Here is my glitter nail polish haul, from l-r: Last Friday Night, I Lily Love You, and And This Little Piggy (I only bought that one to use as a sparkly base for I Lily Love You).

So next... I was off to Sephora to browse around. While I was looking at the Stila counter and deciding on a lip gloss, this gorgeous makeup artist man caught my attention. I asked him his opinion and quickly learned that he was an artist executive for the line who was there for a special event (he is even on Stila's blog here, read about him!) He said "Let's play!" and did my makeup and he was FANTASTIC. I even asked for his card b/c he said he would travel to do makeup for weddings (not that I am getting married anytime soon, but still good to know!). He was so sweet and patient and answered all of my questions.....he really got me loving the line and these are the products I left with.
Baked eyeshadow in Bronze Glow...I only wear brownish colored eyeshadows and have a million different versions of them.
Illuminating pressed powder, b/c it made my after gym skin look fantastic.
Forever Yourl Curl Mascara-literally knocked me off of the chair. The mascara curls your lashes by itself!!! Plus I needed a new mascara so it was convenient.
And here is the makeup artist, David Birdwell. Isn't he so cute? Anyways, he has done makeup for tons of celebrities and models at fashion shows, I enjoyed talking to him so much!

Here is the finished result:

Please ignore the messy hair... I had just come from the gym. The look was really natural and flawlessly applied. Exactly how I (usually) like my makeup.

And here is my haul. Of course, he used a few other products on me...but you know how Sephora more than 3 things and your total could be $200.00. The sad thing is that I loved the look (and the brushes!) so much that I will probably buy the rest of it this week and share the other products with you all.

So what do you think? Are you all suckers for makeup and Sephora? Have you ever tried those Stila products, or any other Stila product that you love? Do you know of an heavy glitter nail polishes I should try?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

20 Questions with Ashley

As promised, here are Ashley's answers from Places to Go Things to Buy for the 20 Questions-Tag You're It game I created for us bloggers. I loved reading her answers and I am sure you will as well. On a funny side note, I have seen Ashley's pet peeve in person during many of our shopping trips :)

1. Favorite Color: Pink!

2. Favorite food that you make: I love to make tostones which are Cuban fried plantain bananas. My hubby requests them all the time! I also really like my mom's tuna noodle casserole, and then I also love to bake banana bread!

3. Favorite Food Network Chef: Giada De her food!

4.. What is the last beauty product you bought, and are you liking it?: I just bought a new bottle of Protect & Perfect Intense Serum by Boots (discussed previously here) and I'm loving it!

5. What are your top 3 beauty products: My 3 favorite beauty products are Protect & Perfect Serum by Boots, Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub by St. Ives, and Chanel Intimitable mascara.

6. When you were younger what trend did you take part of that you enjoyed the most: Oh boy...I took part in every trend when I was young! I loved guitar string bracelets, jelly heels, glitter all over my face, knee high socks (blame that on Clueless!), glitter nail polish, etc.

7. Essie or OPI? Essie only because I own more Essie nail polishes than OPI.

8. How often do you workout? Oh, I try to work out 3 times a week BUT that doesn't seem to always happen. Most of the time its twice a week and sometimes its 0.... My motivation varies. LOL But all together, I don't work out nearly as much as I should. I guess the 16 years of doing ballet has left me a little rebellious!

9. Iced or hot coffee? Hot coffee most always, except for when its really hot out and then I crave it iced. I also mostly want iced when I want coffee in the afternoons, but mornings I always want hot.

10. favorite celebrity couple: Ok, I got 2: Prince William & Kate! They're celebrities right? And then Giuliana & them!

11. favorite reality tv show: Oh godsh, how do I choose!? I'm gonna have to name atleast 2 here again......Project Runway & Jerseylicious.

12. Place you have never been but would like to go: Fiji!

13. what gift did you get from your wedding registry that you get the most use out of?: I use so many of them but if I had to name one it would be my bath towels! I use those all the time and they're sooo soft and comfy!

14. Biggest pet peeve? Ugh....annoying sales people (aka Victoria's Secret). I admit, I have a problem...I need to be nicer to sales people but they soooo piss me off!

15. Best guilty pleasure: Trashy tv shows for sure! I can't get enough!

16. Favorite book: The Something Borrowed series. Love them!

17. Do you subscribe to any magazines?: Yup! I get InStyle, Vogue, People StyleWatch, and Food & Wine magazine.

18. Favorite Halloween costume?: Hmm, Megan & I were Cher and Dionne from Clueless in 4th grade!

19. Drink of choice?: Champagne

20. What advice would you give your 17 year old self? I would say, Ashley don't be boy crazy! You'll find your hubby soon enough so just take a chill pill! The other stuff I would tell myself I probably shouldn't publish on this blog! Lol

Pasta Salad

There are lots of things I am loving about living alone, and at the top of my list is exploring cooking and baking. I have made lots of yummy things but this pasta salad recipe by far has been the best and the EASIEST thing I have made thus far. Now this certainly is not for those that are on a diet. The only changes I would suggest in making this if you are on a diet is using whole wheat pasta...otherwise, just make it, I promise you will love it.

First off, the main ingredient is..............................MAYO. Up until I was about 18 years old I HATED mayo. I thought it was so nasty and so unnecessary (for example in sandwiches, for moisture I would always use a vinegarette). Anyhoo, I started liking mayonnaise gradually and now I like it. But I have a cannot be clumpy. On sandwiches it has to be spread perfectly, the thought of a large chunk of mayo in my mouth makes me want to vom vom.

So on to the pasta salad. I have always loved pasta salads that were vinegar based, but recently I tried one with mayo. I tried to recreate it yesterday and I blew myself away. I promise it is absolutely delicious and it is eaten cold, so just make it, stick it in the fridge, and eat when you want.

Here it is: (PS I am obvi no chef, so work with me)


1 Box of the colorful fusili pasta (I use this one b/c its the traditional pasta in deli pasta salads)
1 cup of Mayo
a few gollups of red wine vinegar (I know...I know... we don't want the sauce soupy, so use your head when adding)
1/2 a white onion, chopped (you can use a red onion if you want)
1 red bell pepper, chopped
lots of salt and pepper!!!!!!!

Cook pasta al dente. Make sure to add salt and olive oil to pasta water before boiling). While pasta is boiling, chop the red pepper and the onion, set aside. In the same (now empty) pot you used to boil the pasta, add the drained pasta plus rest of the ingredients. Add more vinegar if you like that taste (I personally love it). You can eat it right away (it is hard to resist). Put the rest in the fridge and eat straight out of it.

***Here is a trick, if you have Italian Dressing in your fridge (from Wishbone or w/e) you can use that instead of the red wine vinegar. The added bonus is the rest of the seasoning in it***

Other things you can add include feta cheese, celery, sun dried tomatoes, etc. Let me know if you try it!

Tag You're It!-20 Questions

I decided to ask my dear friend Ashley at Places to Go Things to Buy 20 fun questions. Please feel free to take the questions and send it to one of your favorite bloggers, I would love to get a Tag game going! I can't wait to see her answers, stay tuned :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Movies

I love watching movies, unfortunately, Philly has (from what I have seen) really crappy movie theaters. The only one within walking distance looks really run down. Whatever, I will see this movie no matter what. It's called "One Day" and I am sure you all have seen the trailer for it. The first time I saw the trailer was while I was waiting to see Something Borrowed (def will be purchasing that one). I love Anne Hathaway and it seems like such a great story, also it def helps to be using that One Republic song in the preview :) Now I just need to make a girl friend up here so that Muffin doesn't have a heart attack while watching (probably not any explosions in this movie and way too much mushiness)...

Online Shopping Pet Peeve

I love shopping online. Places like make it a pleasure with their customer service and fast shipping, but I have an online shopping pet peeve that I just have to get off my chest. I feel bad for picking on (net-a-porter's outlet website, has some great deals) but it just so happens that I was reminded of this pet peeve when I was on the website this morning...and here it goes.

WHY DO WEBSITES POST SOLD OUT ITEMS? I happen to be scrolling along, come across a beautiful dress, and there it is in big bold ugly letters "SOLD OUT". Why do they even bother posting it? Is it to throw in your face that it is too late and that you were too slow? Someone else is enjoying an item that I would love love to make mine? Well to me, that is just nastiness. If I was in charge of an online retailer I would make sure that any sold out items are immediately pulled from the website instead of adding that horrific sold out sign.

Am I the only one that finds this extremely annoying? Anyhoo, on a side note, isn't that Zac Posen dress beautiful? Agree? Well, don't get your hopes up, after all, it is SOLD OUT.

I want.

I came across these 2 bracelets by Beach Bunny Swimwear this morning and decided I need one of them. I usually wear a few bracelets that I like to mix and match and decided one of these would look great with it...but I need your fashion advice, which one do you like best? I am leaning towards the 2nd one... Let me know. Oh yea, you can find them both here
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